Refund Cancellation Policy

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Our venture offers digital products that you may buy agree on our contract document. We provide design prototypes so you can thoroughly assess our products before making a buying decision.

Before completing the payment, please discuss it with the project team and finalize the solution and make sure the product is suitable for your needs. Our support team can help prior to the initiation of the project via phone or email.

After your transaction has cleared, if you buy one of our products, the project initiation will be activated. No refunds will be issued after the project initiation has been activated because it would be hard for you to return our intellectual property rights.

Regarding This Refund Policy Acceptance

You are responsible for becoming familiar with this refund policy. You acknowledge having read our refund policy and that you fully understand and accept its conditions by placing an order for any of our products.

Please do not pay for us if you cannot completely agree to all of the terms of this refund policy.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with customer care at +94 70 35 50 100 or by email at